Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trekking along Kovalam beach, Kerala

Kovalam beach is a favourite with tourists for swimming in the sea. There are coast guards around who keep a watchful eye. The beach is advertised as 'jelly fish Free' on the various travel sites.

So it was a surprise to find large number of purple jellyfish being washed onto the shore by the waves.

The coast guards assured us they are dead and harmless. The fishermen throw them out when they get caught in their nets. It seems there is a migration of jelly fish for about a fortnight in October, when the sea gets foamy with the gelatine in the jelly fish.

Kovalam beach never fails to arouse curiosity!

Squids which made jelly fish their home, were seen crawling inside and attracted other beach goers. I am sharing a small clip uploaded in 'wildbytes' channel of youtube.


  1. The jelly fish and the squid look very interesting. Haven't seen them before.

  2. I also observed this for the first time, though I have been to Kovalam before.
    I enjoyed going through your beautiful site, Arun.

  3. The jelly fish and the squid look very interesting..Thanks for sharing.
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  4. The Jellyfish video is very fascinating. I actually looked at it over and over some 5 times!

  5. This beach is full of extraordinary beauty that makes it a place visited throughout the year
    experience is unique